AUTHOR Bill Bryson criticised Bournemouth’s “bus shelter for giants” in his 1996 book Notes from a small island.

That misaligned plastic excrescence covered in pigeon guano is a dim and distant memory now after ten years campaigning to have it removed.

But Old Christchurch Road still has its issues.

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The semi derelict ‘planter’ up Old Christchurch Road is such an achingly chronic symbol of neglect for our town centre. To think , fully laden electric trolley buses used to ply two way traffic there when I first started working in Bournemouth.

Like the “dim memory” that was home to hundreds of pigeons , ‘dim’ ideas continue like leaving a smashed piece of infrastructure that harbours and shelters weeds and discarded cigarette butts but thankfully not feral wildlife......yet.”

Nigel Hedges

Granville Place,