DESPITE the miserable weather a sizeable crowd made it out to the O2 to see not just Haircut 100 but also the excellent Barbara who are support for this tour.

Brighton-based Henry and John Tydeman who formed Barbara in 2021 have quickly established themselves as writers of intelligent, quirky, upbeat pop songs of the highest calibre.

Add to that their infectious live act and you have a winning formula that will hopefully see them go on to greater things.

Opening tonight’s set with Waiting Outside Alone they quickly won the crowd over with a lively set that included Rainy Days in June, and the excellent These New Communications.

All to soon the last notes of set closer BRB rang out and off they went. Hopefully they will be back on a headline tour of their own soon. If they do then make sure you catch them, they might just become your new favourite band.

After a quick turnaround Haircut 100 took to the stage to rapturous applause from a crowd that had obviously been fans from the early days.

Every single one of them came here to enjoy every minute of the next couple of hours and were not disappointed. Tonight’s set list drew heavily from their platinum selling album Pelican West which saw them storm the charts and still sounds as fresh and vibrant as ever.

Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) put in an early appearance as the band settles into old grooves and friendships.

The songs came thick and fast interlaced with stories of friends writing tunes in the early hours sitting in each others kitchens. It was indeed like finding a favourite shirt, slipping it on and immediately feeling comfortable with who you are and where you are.

There was something for everyone tonight.

The big band hits Love Plus One and Fantastic Day, the solo Blue Hat For a Blue Day and even a cover of the Harry Styles smash hit As It Was.

Ending the night with an extended version of Favourite Shirt gave each member of the band a chance to showcase their individual talent whilst also demonstrating what a tight unit they are when it all comes together.

A great night of music delivered by a band that have lost none of their sparkle and enthusiasm.