A TEN-YEAR-OLD boy wrote a moving poem for Remembrance Day in memory of his late great-grandfather.

Harry Guttridge, a year 6 student at Hamworthy Park Junior School wrote the heartwarming poem about his late great-grandfather Norman, who served in the Royal British Army.

Norman sadly passed away a few weeks ago but remains in Harry’s thoughts through the poem.

Speaking about his great-grandad, Harry said: “I love my granddad so much and I really wanted to remember him.

Kelly Guttridge, Harry’s mum was so proud of her son, she said: “I just thought it was really sweet to send in. His granddad passed away in the last few weeks and he served in the army.

“Harry had been learning all about it from his granddad, and so I think he felt really personal to him and it was something he was really proud of.

“We used to just go around and spend time with him and we still spend time with his grandma.

“They used to share stories about Manchester United together.

“His great-granddad Norman was really into football, so they used to love sharing stories about football and Harry's just started playing football, so he's really getting into that now.


Harry’s poem reads:

As the planes flew

The propellor let out a scream

The soldiers were pressured

Their country was relying on them

The thick smoke was a blanket of unease


Up in the air,

Planes were flying like dragons

A dozen, a dream and a death?

The fog strangled people below,

Soldiers sacrificed

As the planes soared downwards.


Remember why we remember

On remembrance day

Bullets lest the spitfire like shoals of hungry pirhanas,

Soldiers dies as we all said goodbye

For whoever reads this

I may not be alive.


Kelly added: “They were doing Remembrance Sunday in school and they were talking about all and that lot.

“Harry used to go and ask his grandad Norman about where he'd been and all the places, he'd travelled so it was really nice to see this poem.”

"I'm so proud of him."