CASTLEPOINT is looking forward to an “exciting future” as talks are ongoing for more businesses to move in. 

Management has launched new branding for the shopping centre as it celebrates 20 years of existence this weekend. 

Over the past year, significant strides have been made at the site, with the signing of retailers including Nike and Hotel Chocolat. 

It has also welcomed a new Holland & Barrett this year, one of the largest outlets in the UK, as well as Mountain Warehouse, the largest in the UK. 

But management remains tight-lipped about what it has in store to fill its limited empty units. 

“This rebranding is to show we are 20 years old and we are going in a new direction,” said David Pickett, centre manager of Castlepoint.

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“It will be more vibrant than before, cutting edge, colourful and playful and hopefully it will lend itself to the new direction.” 

Steve Burgin, director of retail and place at Delancey, a co-owner of Castlepoint, said: “We want to attract new operators and businesses to come in and hopefully this rebranding will reflect that.

“If you look around at what we have, you wouldn’t think we have been here for 20 years – it still looks modern.” 

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He added: “You can actually pick the wrong brands. We need to consider what the local catchment wants – it may be different to Southampton etc. 

“I’ve had to say no to some brands who have approached us.” 

Kannika Mall, asset manager at Colombia Threadneedle Investments, another co-owner of Castlepoint, said going forward the centre wants to see more landscaping, public realm and greenery to the car park. 

“We are always speaking to new brands, and while we can’t confirm anything now, we have got some exciting plans for next year,” she added. 

“We want to bring some new, exciting and dynamic tenders for our shoppers and making sure Castlepoint is the best we can get it. 

“We are really excited for the future at Castlepoint and this rebrand is a stepping stone to help us get there.” 

The new logo even looks like the shape of Castlepoint from above and features the slogan ‘Get to the point’ and launches this weekend.