A NEW café combining art and Brazilian culture is opening in Bournemouth town centre.

Brazilian Snacks Art and Café is set to open in Hinton Road at the beginning of next month.

The new café will combine homecooked Brazilian food and an in-house art exhibition to create a 'unique business concept'.

It is being launched by Fernanda Baumel Meus, Easmin Yehia and Iohanna Yehia - a trio keen to share their heritage with Bournemouth.

Fernanda said: “Brazil is so diverse in culture and in food. We just wanted to show a bit of our country.

“The other girls always had restaurants back in Brazil. When they moved to London, one of them started a business called Brazilian Snacks.

“She then wanted to move to Bournemouth, so we decided we could open a café there.”

But the women were determined to create a café that had something a little different, while combining their own passions.

Bournemouth Echo: The café is set to open in Hinton RoadThe café is set to open in Hinton Road (Image: NQ)

Fernanda added: “My dad is a chef, and my mum is a musician – everyone in my family has something to do with art, and I’m very into it.

"Because of that, I thought maybe we could put some art into the café.

“So, we will have an art exhibition, with art and photographs. The plan is that we will show something different every month.

“We also plan to run some arts and crafts events and do competitions.”

Discussing food and drink offerings at the café, Fernanda said there will be a ‘variety’ of menu items all made from scratch.

She said: “We planned the menu mostly based on Brazilian food, but we will have something for everyone’s tastes, like traditional breakfasts, and vegetarian and vegan options.

“We will go with the flow. It won’t be a case of having something and it won’t be changed. We want to see what our customers like.

“Everything we do will be homemade and the girls are amazing at cooking.”

Brazilian Snacks Art and Café is due to open on Saturday, November 4, and will begin with a special opening event between 2pm and 4pm.