HIS new album is entitled The Unknown Celebrity - but Bournemouth-based hip hop artist Zuby has found himself at the top of the news agenda for the wrong reasons.

Zuby, real name Nzube Udezue, was the man held at gunpoint in front of horrified onlookers at Bournemouth Railway Station.

The Oxford graduate has so far declined to speak about his ordeal, but has given a detailed account on his myspace blog.

He describes his feelings of fear, distress and embarrassment as he was ordered to lie face down on the platform by armed officers with submachine guns.

The 21-year-old computer science graduate is forging a career as a rapper and has appearances lined up at venues across the country including Jumpin Jaks in Bournemouth.

When the railway station drama unfolded on Saturday he was on his way home from a day out in Southampton selling promotional CDs and T-shirts.

And it seems his own T-shirt, bearing the logo: "I'm Down With Zuby: Are You?" was the cause of his arrest.

Police investigating an alleged armed incident in Basingstoke issued a description of a man wearing a particular type of T-shirt.

Zuby - who says on his blog 'I'm not a gangster and I don't want to be, so I'll never threaten to shoot you in my rhymes' - was spotted on the train by a British Transport Police officer, who thought he was the suspect.

He radioed police, who ensured armed officers were waiting at the station.

Zuby wrote: "6.09pm - the train pulled into Bournemouth and all hell is about to break loose. The next 30 seconds was like a blur. It took me a couple of seconds to realise it was me that all those guns were aimed at.

"I honestly felt like I'd stepped off the train and into a really bad dream."

He said officers ordered him to lie flat on the ground with his hands in front of him.

"I was shocked, confused, scared and embarrassed all at the same time. This is the specialist firearms unit, about eight of them, machine guns, bulletproof vests, police dogs and all."

He was handcuffed and told he was being arrested on suspicion of a firearms offence. He was then taken to Bournemouth police station where questioning soon revealed they had got the wrong man.

Dramatic pictures of the arrest, taken on a mobile phone by Daily Echo reader Dave Rogers, have been beamed around the world.

Mr Rogers said: "I was going to Poole to a stag do with my friends and I was playing with my phone anyway when things started to happen.

"The police just came out of nowhere - he certainly didn't look like a suspicious guy and he was quite calm."

The incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission and Dorset Police will carry out a supervised investigation.

  • Read Zuby's blog by clicking on the link below.