Dorset-based Ukrainian families have been given a day of fun to help them set aside their pain and have an adventure.

Refugee family members based in south Dorset were helped to set aside the horrors of the ongoing invasion of their country when they were treated to a fun day out at Cumulus Outdoors Adventure Centre in Swanage on Saturday, October 21.

This follows a similar visit to Cumulus last autumn, and a series of activities since provided by volunteers from Radipole Churches Weymouth.

This was funded through a combination of a Dorset Welcome Fund grant from the Dorset Community Foundation as well as funds raised when Radipole Vicar Nick Clarke and retired teacher Andy Dukes cycled from Weymouth to Swanage and, more recently with friends, 50 miles from Sherborne to Arne via Dorchester.

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Bournemouth Echo: The team make an excellent start with the crate stacking

Andy Dukes said: "Many of these Ukrainians have lived through absolute horror, and continue to be away from their homes and loved ones - their day at Cumulus has, again, helped so much with alleviating their pain.

"We all had an amazing day, despite inclement weather, and the Ukrainians left full of happy stories to share about their great day."

The Ukrainian children and parents took part in a range of activities including high ropes, bushcraft, archery, axe-throwing, rifle shooting, circus skills, and many more team-building and challenge games.

The day also provided another opportunity for Ukrainian families to interact socially and network together as a group, and they took full advantage of all the enjoyment and connection throughout the day.

Bournemouth Echo: Cumulus instructors briefing Ukrainians before the high ropes

One mother said: “Another wonderful day at Cumulus Outdoors helping my children step away from the pain of what is happening in Ukraine”

Andy added: "The Cumulus Outdoors staff were fabulous, so full of enthusiasm, professionalism, patience and with outstanding leadership and communication skills.

"They clearly enjoyed their day as well and, when you employ such fine people, it’s no surprise to hear of the growth and success of Cumulus Outdoors.

"Thank you again to the Cumulus Outdoors manager Sam Thompson for enabling this day, and for Cumulus’ generosity and support. Another group well worthy of mention are the volunteers from Radipole Churches Weymouth who provided such an excellent lunch.

"These, and many others at St Aldhelm’s have worked hard through the past 14 months - there has been a range of really positive spin-offs from last year’s Cumulus visit including parties, a support hub, Christmas celebrations, theatre and arts archives and much more, and we believe the same will apply now going forward."

Another highlight of the day was a surprise visit from the Mayor of Swanage Tina Foster, with consort Chris Moreton.

Bournemouth Echo: Swanage Mayor Tina Foster befriended A Ukrainian girl named ZlataSwanage Mayor Tina Foster befriended A Ukrainian girl named Zlata (Image: Andy Dukes)