A BOURNEMOUTH mum is fundraising for Dorset Mind in memory of her son who took his own life in March.

Jack Rogers was just 20 years old when he died earlier this year.

His mum, Jo Alford, and two brothers Ethan, 15, and Dylan, 13, were left heartbroken at losing him.

Now, Jo has collaborated with Dorset Mind to create a fundraiser in Jacks's memory to prevent further deaths from mental health.

Bournemouth Echo: Jack Rogers celebrating  a birthday.

Jo described him as a 'happy, popular lad. He'd walk into a room and make you feel at ease. he always knew what to say to make me laugh.

He went missing on Friday 3 March this year.

Jo said: "He left his phone, his wallet, and a note and I'd heard him leave the house at 1am in the morning, but he was 20 years old, he'd gone out of the house before and come back like that.

"Two police officers came out and showed me a still with someone on a bridge.

"It was him. He'd gone into the water Friday morning, and he jumped.

"It's hard because as a mum it's just because I couldn't help him. That's the biggest thing, I felt like I couldn't help him.

"I knew he loved me and his brothers. He said that and he said that he was so sorry but life just wasn't him for him anymore."

Jack's body was found 26 days after his disappearance.

The young man had a history of mental health issues. Jo added: "I don't think he could cope with his emotions and his feelings. I don't think he ever dealt with anything because he really didn't know how."

Speaking of his death, she added: "Suicide is a big killer of young men, and this is such a worthy cause, he was such an amazing young man and people his age need the support. It's hard to put it into words."

The fundraiser is to be held in February at the Foundry Arms in Poole. Activities on the day will include a tombola, bingo, raffle, and other fun activities.

The event will take place on February 24 from midday until 4pm, with all donations going towards Dorset Mind.

Donations can be made via the Dorset Mind website.