A BRAND new cafe serving smoothies and bubble tea has opened its doors to Kinson, named after a loved family member. 

Trevor Grover, 52, and his partner Anne, 47 own Daisy's Cafe, named in memory of a close family member who passed away.

The Café offers a range of food and drinks for all appetites.

According to its social media: "Daisy's Cafe is the place to come and have a great breakfast or lunch."

The 52-year-old added: “We have a list of all different drinks: Bubble tea, milkshakes, smoothies, and a range of coffees and frappes.

They also cater for a healthier meal option, he added: “We are also going to be doing paninis, porridge with fruit in, or we do overnight oats with fruits and bananas.

“We also cater to children and offer vegan alternatives for customers as well.”

Bournemouth Echo:

The family-run business from Bournemouth was over the moon with the rating. 

Trevor said: “The Council came in when we were doing all the works here and had a look around.

“Last week, they did the inspection for our food hygiene rating, and we got top marks in everything.

“I was really pleased about that.

“When the chap from the Council said that he couldn't fault us on anything, I was really chuffed.

“All the hard work has paid off.

“We’re now displaying the five stars in our window which is really good.”

After only being open for a month, Daisy’s café has also been rewarded by BCP Council with a five-star rating after being inspected just last month.

According to BCP Council, a five-star rating means ‘hygiene standards are very good.’

Bournemouth Echo:

Daisy’s Café is also introducing a brand new ‘house breakfast special’ which includes two hash browns, two bits of bacon, two sausages, two eggs, and then baked beans, tomatoes, and toast.

Speaking on the success of the business, Trevor added: “It's still all going in the right direction, which is really good.

“The weekends are our busiest time.

“We’ve just changed our opening hours and we're now opening on a Sunday morning and going to close on a Wednesday to hopefully get more customers in.”

The café opened on September 16 and is located on Wimborne Road in Kinson.