RESIDENTS are being warned not to touch a fully loaded skunk which escaped from its back garden. 

Sky the skunk escaped from its owner’s back garden in Ladysmith Close, Christchurch on Friday, September 29 after the back gate was accidentally left open. 

Owner Sharon Tyler, who has kept skunks for 17 years with Sky being her third, is appealing for help from the public to return it home safely. 

Sharon said: “I’m in alternative accommodation right now due to a water leak in my house, but on Friday I stupidly didn’t lock the gate and she has now gone on a walkabout. 

Bournemouth Echo: Sky the skunkSky the skunk (Image: Sharon Tyler)

“She’s an old skunk, so she’s possibly curled up and asleep in a shed - I have been searching through a rough area nearby where she may be but haven’t seen her 

“If anybody has seen her, call me straight away. Don’t try and touch her, she’s deaf and can be jumpy. She’s fully loaded and frightened of strangers.” 

Sharon said Sky, who was bought from a breeder in Southampton, would only spray if she was petrified and has only done so once as a baby. 

“I used to breed sugar gliders and a lot of people on the forums I joined also keep skunks,” Sharon said when asked how she got into keeping skunks. 

“Lots of people actually have skunks.” 

She added that seven-year-old Sky, a nocturnal creature, will not have gone very far but that it can be a “grumpy madam” at times. 

Sky's favourite food is raw chicken and cottage cheese

If you come across Sky, please call Sharon on 07843446297.