A DRIVER raced down the spur road “like lightning” before crashing into a vehicle and killing one man, putting a woman in a coma, and leaving another with a fractured spine. 

Yusuf Muzil, 22, was four times over the legal limit for cocaine when he ploughed into the back of a Nissan Micra and sent it into a ditch off the A338 spur road, a court heard.

George Greaves from Hampshire, 31, who had been one of the three occupants of the Micra, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Prosecution barrister, Tom Wilkins told how Muzil then removed the number plates from his car and then fled the scene on foot with his two passengers.

Officers working on the incident said the debris field on the road was the “longest and largest” they had “ever had to work with”.

The defendant, of Cumbrian Gardens in London, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court on Friday, September 29, following the crash on the evening of Thursday, June 15.

Bournemouth Echo: Yusuf MuzilYusuf Muzil (Image: Dorset Police)

The court heard how Muzil had been visiting Bournemouth with friends that day and travelled home on the spur road.

Mr Wilkins said Muzil raced his Lexus against two other vehicles exceeding speeds of 100mph and travelling “bumper to bumper”.

He said this continued for “at least five minutes” before the crash near the Ashley Heath roundabout.

Mr Wilkins said: “The Lexus came up sharply and rapidly behind the Micra. It hit the Micra on the rear. The Micra came to rest in a ditch having rolled over.

“The three occupants were trapped. One was dead and two were seriously injured.

“[The mother of George’s girlfriend] was trapped for over an hour and [George’s girlfriend] was also seriously injured but was freed more rapidly.”

George’s girlfriend suffered a fractured spine and lacerations while her mother – in her 70s - was left in a critical condition.

She spent time in a coma, and only recently came out of hospital but still has “serious orthopaedic issues” due to fractures.

The court heard nine victim personal statements from family members, including George’s mother, father and girlfriend, who were ‘heartbroken’ by the incident.

Mitigating, Robert Berg gave Muzil’s recollection of event.

The defendant claimed one of the cars he had been racing pulled in front of him and “repeatedly applied his breaks”.

Muzil said his reaction was to change lanes, and this is when he crashed into the Micra.

The defendant fled the scene but was found hiding around an hour later. He denied being behind the wheel.

Mr Berg said his client was “remorseful” and has been “made aware of the consequences of his actions”.

Judge Robert Pawson said: “This is about as bad a case of death by dangerous driving as you can imagine.

"I have no doubt that your actions will have a significant impact on the friends and family of the victims but also your own mother and brother."

Judge Pawson added that Muzil had “clearly not learnt” from his previous court appearance for drink driving in February this year and possession of cocaine in February 2022.

Muzil was jailed for 12 years and disqualified from driving for three years.