IF, like me, you were a teenager in the '90s, you'll be familiar with Top of the Pops, Smash Hits magazine and the music of a band called Take That.

Greatest Days propels us right back into those days, as we follow a group of teenagers growing up obsessed with a boy band, who drift apart only to come together 25 years later for said band's reunion tour.

I instantly felt like a schoolgirl again, hearing all those '90s hits – the styling and dance moves copied straight from Take That themselves. I even remember recording TV performances to learn the routines – exactly as referenced by the girls in the show.

Initially, it sounded wrong hearing the hits sung in a musical theatre style, instead of by the voices we all know and love, but once I got over that, I could sit back and enjoy reminiscing, as hit after hit was belted out.

There are all the favourites, including Relight My Fire, Could It Be Magic, Pray and, of course, Greatest Day, as well as some more rarely heard numbers such as Hold Up A Light, Get Ready For It, The Garden and Said It All - all of them perfectly worked into the storyline.

Although somewhat cheesy in places, there are incredibly poignant moments – I really didn't expect to be welling up at Back For Good and Rule the World, but don't think I'll listen to these in the same way, having now seen the show.

My one criticism was that, talented as the cast were, they were almost too good dancers to be accurately portraying Take That!

But the band themselves are actually almost secondary to the main focus of the show – a tale of friendship, loss and finding yourself, with the help of some great music along the way.

Previously titled The Band, the show broke box office records and delighted audiences around the UK when it performed from 2017 – 2019. Now it's celebrating the 30th anniversary of Take That’s first ever UK number 1 single Pray and coinciding with the summer 2023 release of the movie.

Fun, feelgood, the fab five – a must-see for any Thatter. This is a night you'll Never Forget!