I HAVE autism and my routine in paying my bills was to go the counter and pay in cash.

Every time I went to pay a bill I felt pressurised to use the terminals instead of the counter.

It felt very unwelcoming. Eventually I did use the terminals, but not long after that, I was getting pressured by staff – trying to sign me up for online banking, then it was to use the app, and as someone with autism I found this very stressful.

All very well banks say they are closing citing reduced footfall.

Well, the reduced footfall is more likely due to customers being pushed onto online banking and apps when they were quite happy to do their banking in their chosen way.

It is simply not true that people are preferring to bank online or use apps, it is more to the point they have been pressured into doing so by the banks themselves.

Then the banks use reduced footfall as an excuse to close branches.


Terrace Road, Bournemouth