Do you have what it takes to beat The Chasers? Prove it by testing your knowledge with our quiz inspired by the popular ITV gameshow. 

Thousands of contestants have gone face to face with The Chasers since the quiz show first launched back in 2009 - but do you have what it takes to be among them?

Fans of the ITV show will know that the programme's contestants play against a professional quizzer - or The Chaser - to try and win themselves a large cash prize.

There are six Chasers in total and they each have their own nickname including The Menace, The Governess, The Vixen, The Dark Destroyer, The Sinnerman and The Beast.

Bournemouth Echo: Could you beat The Vixen, The Governess or The Beast? Prove it. ( ITV)Could you beat The Vixen, The Governess or The Beast? Prove it. ( ITV) (Image: ITV)

Most of the nicknames were reportedly chosen by the show's host Bradley Walsh but fans aren't sure where they all originate from.

If you think you could defeat The Dark Destroyer or beat The Beast, here's your chance to prove it. 

We have collated some questions that have actually been featured in the gameshow so that you can test your general knowledge from the comfort of your sofa. 

You'll be quizzed on everything from Guinness World Records and geography to history and the Miss World pageant.

It's like your weekly pub quiz (but there's no pint and the stakes are higher!)

If you're ready to get quizzical, there's a lot more where this has come from.

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But before you do, it's time to play The Chase! Are you ready? Good luck!

Take on the Chasers on our ITV The Chase inspired quiz

Time's up! How did you get on?

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