AN UP-AND-COMING trendy fashion and skating store that almost faced closure due to a break-in is our Trader of the Week.

Pete Singh, 38 is the proud owner of Frequency Skate and Lifestyle, a store that sells stylish branded clothing and skating goods.

The store initially opened in November 2021, originally on Albert Road in Bournemouth town centre.

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It stocks exclusive brands including Parlez, Karhu, New Balance, Mizuno, Dickies, Tommy Jeans, and Polar Skate Co.

In December 2022, the first store was broken into which left the business struggling to keep finances afloat.

Pete said: “We nearly shut down because it took five and a half months for the insurance company to pay out for the window. For the whole time, people thought we were closed.

“It took a while to get customers on that side road. [The] money had run out pretty much completely.

"After the break-in, the shop windows had to be boarded up from top to bottom, making the shop appear closed for five and a half months once the new glass was fitted.

“We were on the verge of calling it a day because I just didn't have any money left.”

Now, the business decided to move location to Old Christchurch Road to generate more income.

“I figured the only option to kind of get this going again is to borrow a few quid to bring the store to the high street because I didn't have the cushion of money that I had when I first opened to wait for people to come through the door.

“We moved to the High Street and the first six weeks, eight weeks are a bit slow, but now everyone's finding us again, and to be honest, it's probably as good as if not getting better than before.”

Pete has big plans for the shop. He says: “We're going to open downstairs and kind of split so we'll have the more kind of mature thing upstairs, and then downstairs will be more aimed at teens and students in the next few weeks.”

The skating shop is now back on the map and attracting more customers than ever.

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