The Boscombe Chine Gardens were developed from a 'chine' of heath and mire into a magnificent Victorian garden.

Sir Henry Drummond Wolff, the local MP and landowner, laid out the upper section of Boscombe Chine Gardens from 1868 to 1871 as a 'pleasure ground'.

There was a mineral spring at the southern end of the Gardens until the 1920s, which gave the area the name 'Boscombe Spa'.

Bournemouth Echo: Boscombe Chine Gardens from an old undated postcard.

Boscombe Spa was transformed into a fashionable coastal resort during the 1860s, famous for its aromatic pine trees, public promenades, and villas in Italian and Elizabethan styles.

During the 1880s, the Borough of Bournemouth Pleasure Grounds Committee transformed the Gardens into a public park.

Bournemouth Echo: The entrance to Chine Gardens, circa 1905.

There are two spa shelters, a lodge, and beautiful bedding displays that remain from the original gardens and the layout has mostly stayed the same.