I AM writing with regard to this year’s airshow and the possibility of it being the last.

So lets put a few things straight. I strongly suggest that Councillor Vicki Slade has a massive re-think about scrapping the airshow.

It brings in millions of pounds in local revenue to the shops bars hotels and outlets.

It also brings in tourism – yes that’s right, tourism.

By scrapping the airshow you would lose all that money for local businesses and an awful lot of of unhappy people in the process.

So I would hope you and your party will seek the sponsorship that is needed for next year and years after.

In real terms £400,000 is a drop in the ocean compared to the millions it brings in to the town and the joy it gives.

Now, if Teignmouth can do it, Eastbourne can do it, I;m pretty sure Bournemouth have greater scope for pulling in people. Therefore, funding the show should really be a no brainer.

The last three days have seen the beaches packed the tills have been ringing, and I’m very sure that you have noticed Vicky Slade.

Now I fully expect you to do what’s right for Bournemouth and the surrounding areas and think about the bigger picture rather that what you can save.

We have the big business in the area to help fund it.


Upton, Poole