THIS MAN could quite possibly be the luckiest guy in Dorset.

Darren Bell has lived in Bournemouth for 24 years with four cats and an anxious goldfish, who he says will have “more than enough room” in their new home.

The 54-year-old was a paratrooper for four years before becoming a skydiving instructor for 24 years where he completed more than 2,222 jumps.

Now, he owns a picturesque property in Norfolk with a swimming pool and coastal views of the magnificent Blakeney salt marshes and harbour.

The magical win came after subscribing to Omaze’s £10-a-month subscription.  

A gobsmacked Daren said: “When I got the knock on the door to tell me I'd won the house in Norfolk I was gobsmacked, It’s not your average Friday night you find out you’ve won a £4.5m house! 

“When I woke up on Saturday, I thought I must’ve eaten too much strong cheese and dreamt the whole thing, but now I've seen the house it's finally starting to sink in. 

“I skydived over the area where the house is 20 years ago - the bird's eye view was good, but the views from the balconies are even better.

He added: “Entering any competition is a bit of a leap of faith but as a skydiver, I’m used to that. I’m so chuffed that the money raised from this Omaze draw is going to help the RNLI.”

Once Darren found out about the winnings, he went straight to his local pub to celebrate: “The only thing I’ve ever won before this was a £5 bottle of wine, I’ll be opening a nicer one tonight that’s for sure.”

The impressive-looking coastal home comes with five bedrooms, a four-bedroom guest cabin, an outdoor pool, a garden pond, and much more, Darren won’t be bored.

The Omaze Million Pound House Draw also raised an incredible £1,400,000 in just six weeks to support the RNLI.

Ross Barraclough, RNLI Head of Region, said: “It is a fantastic amount of money which will allow us to continue saving lives at sea.

“The money will support our volunteer lifeboat crews and lifeguards with the training, kit, and equipment they need to rescue those in trouble in the water.

“It will also allow us to continue spreading our vital water safety messages to the public.

“We’re incredibly grateful to the Omaze community for supporting this campaign—every single person who bought a ticket is a lifesaver too.”

Draw entries for the Omaze Million Pound House Draw are available now at