AN energetic performance drenched in nostalgia - Busted gave fans in Bournemouth exactly what they wanted.

Wednesday night saw pop-punk band Busted bring their ‘Greatest Hits’ 20th anniversary tour to the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC).

As fans settled in their seats - or fought for a prime position in the standing pit - the tone for the night was set, with classic punk and rock tunes from the 2000s blaring from the speakers.

Bournemouth Echo:

Then plays a clip of Christopher Lloyd reprising Doc Brown role from Back to the Future.

“Has it been that long?”, he addresses the crowd.

That’s when fans knew it was time for Busted. They were a step closer to re-living their pop punk fuelled teens.

Just moments later, the band members made their highly anticipated appearance.

James Bourne rocking a baggy shirt and baseball shorts, Charlie Simpson still with his iconic bleached hair, and Matt Willis boasting the rockstar look with his skinny jeans and inked skin.

They may have aged, but standing on stage they looked exactly like the Busted that began making music two decades ago.

Kicking off with Air Hostess, the trio rocked around the stage with their guitars to a back drop of clips from the early days.

The energy in the crowd was high, with fans ecstatic the show had kicked off with such an iconic hit.

Then came performances of Meet You There, Loser Kid, and You Said No, each with vocals dominated by Charlie’s husky tone.

Bournemouth Echo:

A cover of MMMBop by Hanson got crowds dancing, while an acoustic version of Sleeping With The Light On saw fans sway together and wave their phone flashlights.

Songs What I Go To School For, Who’s David, and Crashed The Wedding saw extra energy from the trio, with Charlie flipping his hair back and forth while James lapped the stage runway.

Fans seemingly knew the set list religiously, and were belting each and every lyric back to the band.

Then ‘Doc Brown’ made his return to the screen, announcing to crowds that they’d reached the ‘year 3000’.

The fans roared as they realised what was coming.

After an epic finale to Year 3000 with confetti canons and fire features roaring, Busted said their goodbyes and left the stage.

The performance by James, Charlie and Matt proved they have refused to grow up - but for all the right reasons.

They are still the same Busted fans knew and loved in the early 2000s.