Popular broadcaster Kate Garraway has shared an update with fans regarding her husband Derek Draper after an airport 'disaster'.

Her husband requires full-time care after contracting Covid-19 in 2020. He suffers from serious complications and has very little strength in his arms.

After a major mishap at a UK airport, the ITV star shared an update on his situation when appearing at the National Television Awards this week.

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Kate Garraway said: "He’s doing alright. There’s been no dramatic progress I’m afraid but we keep ploughing on."

According to the MailOnline, she added: "Derek and the kids are all watching at home but we’ve got it on record too to watch together. I’m just glad I didn’t fall over."

Kate Garraway shares how husband Derek was 'stuck in no man's land' during airport 'disaster' 

Previously, on ITV's Good Morning Britain (GMB), Kate revealed that she and Derek were travelling back from the United States when Heathrow Airport was celebrating its new passport scanners for wheelchair users.

She said: "He went forward, the door locked, but the disabled person has to free it and you’re not allowed, because of the border, to do it yourself. So he was stuck in no man’s land, literally between two borders, for an hour or so.

"So even when conscious effort has been made to make things work, and I wonder if it’s because there aren’t enough disabled people talking about it."

Kate regularly talks about her husband Derek, sharing health updates with fans in interviews and on GMB. She has also released two documentaries on the subject called Finding Derek and Caring for Derek.