MEET the cancer survivor running a badge club to support, motivate, and inspire adults.

Susie Pinner, from Bournemouth, is the powerhouse behind the newly launched Pinners Award Club.

The 53-year old saw her life take an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in January 2021.

Fortunately, Susie emerged from her battle victorious, but faced further problems on her return to work.

She said she felt the UK weight loss organisation she had worked with for the past 16 years had failed to support her in recovery, and so she made the difficult decision to leave her job.

Bournemouth Echo: Susie was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in January 2021Susie was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in January 2021 (Image: Susie Pinner)

Amidst these moments of turmoil, the Pinners Award Club emerged.

Susie told the Daily Echo: "I was really thrown by what happened to me. You think you'll be able to just get back to normal but its not like that. 

"I found myself needing constant reassurance and recognition.

"I thought about the people at the weight loss group who got their reassurance from stickers and certificates. That's where the idea for badge collecting came from."

Now an established group in Bournemouth, Pinners encourages members to achieve badges for activities such as gardening, crafting, DIY, and baking.

But it goes beyond the collection of badges and has become a sanctuary where adults can nurture their passions and celebrate their hard-fought achievements.

The club holds regular meetings in Bournemouth to allow members to network and boast their badges.

Bournemouth Echo: Pinners Award ClubPinners Award Club (Image: Susie Pinner)

Susie said: "It's about giving people a sense of achievement. It's so important.

"You can do the activities at home but the awards club will celebrate your achievements with you, and keep you going. It's like a cheerleader for members.

"It's something you need to experience to know if it's for you."

Susie has now also announced a collaboration with the Mission Remission cancer charity.

Mission Remission offers vital support for people after cancer and had played a significant role in Susie’s own recovery.

Set to launch in Dorchester this autumn, 'Mission Pinners' extends the ethos of the Pinners Award Club exclusively to cancer survivors and their supporters.