SOME would call it ugly while others would call it striking. 

But, the pilot of the Bronco, a North American military planemaking its debut at this year’s Air Festival, would describe it as “discernible”. 

Used by the US Air Force in the Sixties as part of the Vietnam War, the Bronco OV-10's unique shape was designed to be flown in the jungle. 

Pilot Tony De Bruyn, who bought the plane in Germany and restored it to display, said: “This particular aeroplane was sitting in a museum in the Black Forest (in Germany) for 20 years before we picked it up, restored it back to flying condition and out of the Black Forest.  

Bournemouth Echo: BroncoBronco (Image: Daily Echo)

“We started displaying it in 2013. The council approached us to fly for them, and we have been to all the air shows around the world and Bournemouth was the last one we wanted to tick on our list. 

“We’ve been in the Middel East, UAE, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark – you “name it and we’ve probably been there. 

“It’s a very unusual looking plane – some say it looks ugly while others say it’s very good-looking but I would say it’s very discernible.” 

Bournemouth Echo:

The team have been display’s the plane’s true capabilities at the show, including a short take off and landing, excellent manoevrability, its short turn radius and impressive roll rate. 

Tony, who flies with Edith Ryckmans, added: “The plane is built in North America during the Sixties for the Vietnam War to be used for observation and light ground attack. 

“It’s built to operate in the jungle unsupported, it’s totally self-sustainable. It can land and take off on dirt surfaces, the wingspan is narrow so it can land on roads. 

“It’s highly maneuverable, very aerobatic, it can do plus 10G, can carry a load of 3,000Ib internally like five paratroopers or ammunition.”