NIGHT Air lit has lit up the skies for the past two evenings.

The spectacle drew big crowds on Saturday night with vibrant orange skies providing the perfect backdrop for the event.

The Spitfire kicked off proceedings before festival goers were treated to the roaring RAF Typhoon with its jet burners aglow.

Then it was the turn of the soaring Firebirds to dazzle with Dorset’s Nigel Reid taking to the skies alongside fellow pilot John Dodd.

The planes, which have a smoke system and LED strips added to the wing tips, left a spectacular trail of sparks in their wake.

Otto the Helicopter has become something of a firm favourite amongst air festival goers and a breath-taking display was something to behold.

Wowing those below with his incredible light display, the tiny helicopter sees pyrotechnics shooting out from all angles while performing impressive manoeuvres.

Piloted by Brendan O’Brien, Otto is a Schweizer 300c helicopter with a fully articulated, three bladed rotor system.

It was the perfect ending to 'super Saturday'.