YOUNG AVIATION enthusiasts met the Red Arrows during Bournemouth Air Festival after winning a competition.

The lucky winners were picked after impressing judges with their paper aeroplane designs. 

Adam Collins, one of the Red Arrow pilots, kicked off the event with an inspiring talk to the young crowd.

He said: “Whether it's finishing your year at school that you're in now or doing your next set of exams or tests or spelling at the end of the week or whatever it might be, each little step is achievable, you just keep chipping away at those steps.

“So just take it all in your stride, pick yourself up and carry on, and keep going with those small steps.

“Coming to see you looking at the things that you've produced, the things that you've designed, and seeing how enthusiastic you all are about them and about these competitions is great for us. So, thank you for coming today.”

“Congratulations on all your efforts.”

Fellow Red Arrow pilot Ollie Suckling was amazed at the children’s work.

He said: “There have been some awesome aeroplanes made and I was saying to one of the parents, I don't think I'd have the attention span to do the detail they've done on that now, let alone when I was a kid.

“There's some great designs here and it's lovely to see everybody.”

Honey Bush, 8 from Parkfield School near Hurn, said: “I wanted to do this idea because I love the Red Arrows and I thought I can’t just make a basic red arrow, so I added my touch to it and made this.”

Zsombor Maruzsa from Heatherlands Primary School based his plane design on space with a pilot drawn in the middle.

He said: “I wanted to do something different from everyone else, the plane needed a pilot.”

Dylan Goodman from Winton Primary School has always dreamed of becoming a pilot when he’s older.

His head teacher said: “As Dylan’s teacher, I couldn’t be prouder of his dedication and hard work on the design and creation of his airplane – making multiple when he didn’t feel it was good enough! I hope that one day he will achieve his dream of being a pilot.”

Other winners included Tobias Kimmel from Christchurch Infant School, Emily Manning from St Clements and St John’s School, and Caidee Salmond from Talbot Heath.