“It’s perfect to be here”: Here is what people love most about the Bournemouth Air Festival.

The annual Bournemouth Air Festival is under way with thousands of spectators enjoying the displays. 

Despite cancellations on Thursday due to adverse weather conditions, the second day went ahead with all aircraft performing as scheduled. 

On Friday afternoon onlookers watched displays from Firebirds, the Swordfish, the impressive RAF Typhoon and many more.

Many visitors were pleased the weather had improved and were excited to see a variety of performances. 

Bournemouth Echo: Jeff Mogg (left) and Thomas LeeJeff Mogg (left) and Thomas Lee (Image: Daily Echo)

Jeff Mogg, 60 from Bournemouth, visits the festival every single year. 

This year he was with his lifelong friend, Thomas Lee, 81.

Jeff said: “I absolutely love it.

“I love the Red Arrows, the Eurofighter and the Night Fighter is absolutely spectacular.”

Lucie Smith and Jamie Butler, both 31, from Bournemouth enjoyed the show with their drinks in the sun. 

They have attended the air festival for around five years, and like many others, were both excited to see the Red Arrows and the fireworks. 

Sheila Read from Winchester enjoyed the show with her nephew, Philip Carrington, 58, on the beach in their deckchairs. 

Philip said his favourite part of the festival is seeing the Spitfires and their heritage, whilst Sheila enjoys the Red Arrows. 

Bournemouth Echo: Sheila Read and Philip CarringtonSheila Read and Philip Carrington (Image: Daily Echo)

Sheila, who is almost 90, described herself as a ‘great outdoors person’ and loves walking along the beach during the popular event. 

“Today, I am very excited because it’s a beautiful day and I love the air show.”

She added: “We wouldn’t be coming if it wasn’t for [my nephew] – it’s perfect to be here.”

Bournemouth Echo: Alison and Mike SkinnerAlison and Mike Skinner (Image: Daily Echo)

Alison and Mike Skinner, both 66 from Bristol, have been going to the show for the past three years and said they were most excited to see the Spitfires and the Typhoons.

Alison said: “We’ve returned this year because it’s always nice, we’ve never had bad weather and it’s free.”

Mike added: “The beach is lovely - we think Bournemouth is beautiful.”

The air festival runs until Sunday, September 3, with plenty more performances scheduled