CYCLING and riding e-scooters have been banned from Bournemouth seafront as the four-day Air Festival takes place.

Bournemouth Air Festival kicks off today, with hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking to the centre and seafront.

Many roads will be closed for the event, and BCP Council have announced that bikes and e-scooters will also not be permitted on the festival site.

Cycling is being encouraged to commute to the event, as a more sustainable way of travel, however, all bikes and scooters must be parked outside the festival.

Beryl Bike bays within the site will be closed during the event and temporary bays have been set up on the periphery.

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BCP Council is encouraging residents to leave their cars at home in a bid to tackle traffic congestion and reduce emissions.

Those choosing to cycle to the event can use cycle lanes through Bournemouth Upper Graden and Kings Park, which have been built away from busy roads for safe family cycling.

Morebus is also urging residents and visitors to use public transport to ease traffic chaos. 

However, if it is essential to travel by car, parking delays can be avoided by using the Park and Ride facility in Kings Park.

BCP Council has stated that 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions could be saved every year if just a third of Bournemouth Air Festival visitors were to leave their cars at home.

This is 100 times more than the emissions that are produced by all the aircraft in the show.