Air Fryer lovers are often firm believers that there's nothing you cannot air fry but that's not entirely true.

Households up and down the UK hopped on the bandwagon amid the cost of living crisis as the countertop appliance was dubbed as more time and energy efficient than conventional ovens.

In fact, the typical cost per use of Air Fryer is 7p, according to Energy Saving Trust.

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And with endless TikTok viral recipes to try, Air Fryers do truly seem like the trend that keeps on trending.

When looked after properly, an Air Fryer can last up to six years, appliance experts RBGDirect say.

That being said when you are not cleaning and maintaining your Air Fryer regularly, problems can develop fast.

To help you make the most of your Air Fryer and make sure you're not shortening its lifespan prematurely, here are five items that should never touch the appliance.

The advice comes after RBGDirect's guidance of a 60p product and the top techniques to use to help you clean the gadget properly.

What food and items should never go in your Air Fryer?

Bournemouth Echo: RGBDirect has also shared its top tops for regularly maintaining your Air Fryer: ( Getty Images)RGBDirect has also shared its top tops for regularly maintaining your Air Fryer: ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

Wet Batter or Liquid Mixtures

Avoid putting wet batter or liquid mixtures directly into the air fryer, as they can drip down onto the heating element, causing smoking, splattering, and potential damage.

If you want to air fry battered foods, it's better to pre-coat them with a dry breadcrumb mixture before placing them in the air fryer.

Non-Food Items

Air fryers are designed for cooking food, so it's essential to avoid putting any non-food items, such as plastic utensils, tin foil, paper towels, or other packaging materials, inside the appliance.

These items can melt, catch fire, or release harmful fumes.

Bournemouth Echo: Air Fryers can last up to 6 years, according to RGBDirect. (Getty Direct)Air Fryers can last up to 6 years, according to RGBDirect. (Getty Direct) (Image: Getty Images)

Overly Large Foods

Air fryers have limited cooking space, so avoid putting large items that can block proper air circulation.

Cutting food into smaller pieces or using appropriate cooking tools can help ensure even cooking.

Dough: dough can expand and become messy when cooked in an air fryer, when it expands this may block air circulation causing problems with it.

Extremely Greasy Foods

While air fryers are great for reducing oil consumption compared to traditional frying, extremely greasy foods can still cause excessive smoke and splattering.

High-fat content foods might lead to a buildup of grease in the appliance, affecting its performance and potentially causing a fire hazard.