No more knives.

That is the simple but important message we want to get across.

One death is too many, but following the senseless death of teenager Cameron Hamilton a line must be drawn in the sand.

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Care must be taken to acknowledge that Bournemouth is not a war zone, but there have been too many high-profile violent incidents to ignore the fact that there is a problem.

Last month there were a large number of incidents where police were called to deal with people allegedly in possession of knives, prompting Dorset Police to launch an anti-blade operation in tandem with British Transport Police.

Dorset Police also launched Operation Nightjar last month, a scheme that involves working with night-time venues to be proactive and cut down on knife crime.

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There is also Operation Fireglow, which aims to tackle drug use and antisocial behaviour in Bournemouth town centre.

There has been much criticism of police and council work, or perceived lack of it, and it is clear people living and working in the town are concerned about the situation.

The aim of this Daily Echo campaign is not to point fingers and settle scores, but to bring people and organisations together and work for real change.

Too many people have died and too many families have been left to deal with the aftermath of losing a loved one.

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In a tribute, Cameron Hamilton's family said: "We don't want this to be what Cam is remembered for. We want him to be remembered for the funny, kind and wonderful person he is and always will be."

A friend of his said: "He was such a silly guy but he was so kind. There wasn’t a single person his age in Bournemouth that didn’t know him or like him. Everyone loved him.”

A march is due to be held today to protest against knife crime and it is heartening to see the community rise up against violence.

The stakes are too high to do nothing.