A ‘VILE’ man launched a drunken attack on staff at a pub before unleashing a tirade of racial abuse against a policeman.

Darren John Wells was described as a regular punter at The Victoria Cross pub in Ashley Road, Parkstone, until an incident which saw him grab a woman by the throat and assault the landlord.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard how on May 22, 2021, the now 49-year-old Wells was drinking at the pub with his then-partner.

John Dyer, prosecuting, said the defendant appeared to be “in good spirits” earlier in the night but that the atmosphere changed at around 7.45pm when he became more intoxicated.

The court heard how Wells, formerly of Poole, became verbally abusive to customers and members of staff upon being asked to leave.

During an argument, a female worker saw Wells swing for a punch at someone, prompting her to push the defendant away.

Wells then turned to her, grabbed her by the throat and pushed her towards a pool table.

Bournemouth Echo: Ashley Road in PooleAshley Road in Poole (Image: Daily Echo)

It was said that “all hell broke loose” after this and, having been forced to exit through a rear door, Wells tried to get back in but was stopped by landlord Ray Biggington.

The defendant was said to push the landlord’s face down onto the concrete before hitting him with several blows to the back of the head.

In Mr Biggington’s police statement, he described Wells as “out of control”.

Wells eventually fled the scene.

A short while later, driver Brian Calder stopped at a junction near the pub when the “extremely angry, aggressive and confrontational” Wells jumped on his car bonnet and began punching it.

Two police officers, PC Murray and PC Rowe, arrived on the scene and promptly arrested the defendant.

During the arrest, Wells began racially abusing PC Rowe.

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Crown Court.Bournemouth Crown Court.

He used vulgar racist phrases to insult the officer and was also reported as saying “I’ll find your family once I get out of here”.

In a statement, PC Rowe said: “I felt he uttered these racist words with true conviction. This man was vile.”

When sober, it was said that Wells “burst into tears and refused to watch” footage of him racially abusing the officer, expressing remorse and shock over his behaviour.

Defence barrister Rob Griffiths explained the defendant had a difficult childhood and was working hard to combat an alcohol addiction.

Sentencing judge Recorder Clive Dow sentenced Wells to 28 weeks imprisonment and ordered a victim surcharge of £156.