Bournemouth Airport serves hundreds of thousands of people every year, but what do its customers actually think about it?

Despite being a smaller airport, there are still many factors for passengers to take in such as drop-off fees, customer service, amenities on offer and more.

Even if you are just taking a short-haul flight to somewhere else in the UK it's important for the experience to be a comfortable one.

Here's what passengers had to say about Bournemouth Airport based on Google Reviews.

What do passengers think of Bournemouth Airport?

Bournemouth Airport as a whole is fairly well-rated on Google Reviews, earning a 3.5/5 score from 1,120 reviews.

Most of the positive reviews relate to how helpful the staff are and the general experience of checking in.

One reviewer posted: "A big thumbs up to the airport staff - especially the sweet parking lady and man who welcomed my family into the airport last week. Security/check in staff all very friendly with the kids and just left a nice impression compared to other airports. Keep it up guys!"

Another put: "Smooth. Rapid immigration queue on arrival, luggage was quick, really unexpectedly good! Must sat a very pleasant immigration officer too - happy and chatty to the family. Thank you."

Meanwhile, another shared: "This is a smaller airport, which is great for short haul flights, and if you want less stress than one of the busier city airports. Wait times were really short, and our flight was on time. Would fly from here again."

Due to being a smaller airport Bournemouth has a limited number of shopping and eating options in a WHSmith's, Duty Free Shop and The Navigator bar, with these aspects drawing mixed comments.

One passenger was not impressed, sharing: "after checking in, I recommend staying away from this💩 bar, food portions are probably only for a small child and already full, a portion of fries about 20 units max chicken tender 3 tiny pieces for this price🤦 a total joke!!!never again -0,5/10."

Another person was slightly more complimentary, writing: "Although a small airport it was clean, well laid out and had all the facilities you would expect.

"The men’s toilets were clean, although 2 soap dispensers were empty. I count find anyone to inform them.

"There is a good bar which served food and coffee also. I had a very good English Breakfast which was obviously freshly cooked."

Bournemouth Airport criticised for drop-off parking costs

If you look at the vast majority of negative reviews for Bournemouth Airport, they will nearly all mention the cost of parking or dropping off.

One person wrote: "So drop off without paying is not possible which is already annoying as whoever drops you off has to go in, park, get out and pay before leaving. The car park is shingle, so a pain to drag your bag across, not to mention gets your bag filthy if it's raining."

Another commented: "£5 for a muddy / not covered / open car drop off area? It is a joke. I can see why people are walking from the main road into the airport."

Meanwhile, one passenger posted: "So expensive to park. I had to drop off someone and pick up so was just under an hour. Cost 7.50. The arrivals Hall has the path for pedestrians from the car park blocked off so you have to walk a long way round to get to and from it."

Even more mixed reviews mention this aspect, as one example shows here: "The airport itself is fine but £5 parking cost just to drop off. The security is speedy which is great."

Another put: "Getting through the airport was stress-free. I see they've put the drop-off point up to £4 though which is a bit of a cheek."