A NEW and ‘all-inclusive’ nightclub has opened its doors in Bournemouth.

The Vibe is the Triangle’s newest bar and club giving space to revellers to ‘party the night away’.

It officially opened on Friday, July 28, with a special launch night event held and attended by many.

With booming speakers, and a sound-proof venue, clubbers can enjoy Hip Hop and RnB, among many other genres of music.

A fully stocked bar provides an extensive range of spirts, cocktails, beers and cider, and smoke machines and lasers provide the perfect party atmosphere.

Bournemouth Echo: Bar area at The VibeBar area at The Vibe (Image: NQ)

Bassem Mhanna, 35, the owner of The Vibe, said: “I’m a young guy, and I’ve got energy. I wanted to put a new nightclub in this town and make everyone happy.

“So, it’s a new and safe nightclub in Bournemouth for everyone.

“We’re playing hip hop music, as well as RnB, and much more. We’ll be doing events too, but that will take a bit of time because we’ve only just opened.

“If you remember Lost Gardens - it was so busy there and people loved that, and we want this to be the same. We want people coming in with energy.”

The Vibe is located at 4 The Triangle - a unit which has been derelict in recent years.

When Bassem took on the space, he said it was a “huge challenge” to transform it into a vibrant club ready for the public.

He has given it a completely new layout, which has been split into a dancefloor, VIP area and bar area.

Bournemouth Echo: The dancefloor at The VibeThe dancefloor at The Vibe (Image: NQ)

Bassem told the Daily Echo: “We’ve been working so hard for the last sixth months to get it ready.

“We actually started stripping the walls a year ago, but we had to wait for approval of the license so decided to slow things down.

“It’s completely different now.”

The Vibe is open between 10pm and 3.30am on Friday and Saturday, although the owner will consider extending the opening days in the future.

For more information, visit The Vibe’s Facebook page.