SO Bibby the barge has arrived at Portland on the very same day that the government’s Illegal Migration Bill passes its final hurdle.

It was also the day 574 irregular migrants crossed the channel in small boats, a number in excess of the space on Bibby the Barge.

The Illegal Migration Bill now puts 10,921 arrived on small boats since April 7th in line for deportation to a third country.

I’m pretty sure Rwanda will not be expecting such a large number coming their way.

Yet Rwanda should have been well aware of the ridiculous claims of the UK Tory government. The Nationality & Borders Act 2022 was supposed to deter these small boat crossings but entirely failed. Since it became law 53,172 have crossed.

What I find remarkable is this UK Tory government’s crazy idea that they can magically deter irregular migration.

The ‘hostile environment’ they created for migrants does nothing except cost us billions and bring us Bibby the Barge.

The threat of a one-way ticket to Rwanda is unlikely to do any better.

Perhaps the home secretary could listen to herself. At the National Conservative conference she happily explained why the UK was “uniquely” attractive to her parents, both legal migrants to UK.

Is that difficult to see similar views can be held by those unable to migrate legally?

Is it so difficult to stop digging when the country is in such a big hole? Perhaps it is.


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