A THEME park is undercutting Bournemouth Airport and offering car parking to holidaymakers which it says will be a third cheaper than the airport's official site.

Adventure Wonderland in Hurn is now offering free short stay parking and reduced spaces for Bournemouth Airport customers.

A spokesperson for Parley Lane Parking, which is opening the site, said: “Adventure Wonderland had previously been approached by the owners of Bournemouth Airport who are clearly short of their own onsite parking.

“They were looking for an overflow facility to meet their extra parking demand resulting from their own predicted increase in flights and passenger numbers over the coming months and years.

“Despite their interest in reaching a deal on the Adventure Wonderland site, Bournemouth Airport ultimately required too much of the limited parking area.

“This would have threatened Adventure Wonderland's ability to provide enough parking for its own customers.”

Parley Lane Parking, located a 20 minute walk away from the airport, now offers 30 minutes of free parking.

Long stay customers will also benefit from a third off official airport prices.

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Adventure Wonderland says that due to the seasonal nature of its business, the car park remains 80% unused for 70% of the year.

A courtesy taxi service is also being planned allowing customers to avoid the airport drop off charge.

The whole car park will be monitored by a barrierless Automated Number Plate Recognition system, to avoid barrier queues and barrier payment.

There is 24/7 parking access and camera security, and customers can pay in advance or on the day through Pay by phone or Just Park.

Customers will keep their own car keys with them during the duration of their parking term.

“In the current climate of austerity this is a win-win story for local residents, passengers, tourism, Bournemouth Airport, choice and competition in general,” said a spokesperson for Parley Lane Parking.

“This cheaper alternative parking will help prevent illegal lane and roadside parking too. It is also the best viewing point for flight arrivals and departures!”

The Daily Echo has contacted Bournemouth Airport for comment.