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HORRIFIC graffiti depicting far-right and antisemitic imagery has been painted onto an underpass in Poole.

The graffiti was found in the underpass to Asda, at the Ashdown Roundabout, on Tuesday afternoon.

It depicts a Nazi party logo and a slogan, as well as the logo of British far-right party the National Front.

Rabbi at the Bournemouth reform synagogue, Maurice Michaels, said that it was ‘frightening’ to see antisemitic graffiti in an area with a large Jewish community.

Bournemouth Echo: Horrific graffiti was left on an underpass in Canford Heath.

“It’s horrendous, really, to think that here in Bournemouth where the various faiths all work together closely and amicably, we should find that antisemitism has reared its ugly head again,” Rabbi Michaels said.

“It will make some members of the Jewish community afraid to put themselves around the place, because graffiti of this nature can so often lead to violence.

“We’ve certainly seen that in other places.”

Rabbi Michaels said education was key to stop incidents like this from happening.

Bournemouth Echo:

Pictured: Rabbi Maurice Michaels

“We have to start at schools,” he said.

“Lord Mann [the government’s independent advisor on antisemitism] in his report a few weeks ago suggested that antisemitism should be taught in all secondary schools.

“I have been speaking to the relevant people in the BCP education department as far as that is concerned, to say that I would be happy to put together a programme for them which we could take into schools and more importantly to teach the teachers that are going to be teaching it.”

Bournemouth Echo: Horrific graffiti was left on an underpass in Canford Heath.

He added: “It has to be done at an early age. We really must get into the secondary schools, the lower years, before this has become ingrained.

“Antisemitism is just nasty.”

Chair of the BCP Interfaith Group, the Reverend Canon Michael Smith, said he was ‘horrified’ when he saw the graffiti.

“We stand with our friends in the Jewish community in acknowledging that there is no place in our society for this language or vandalism,” Canon Smith said.

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “BCP Council is determined to tackle anti-social behaviour and graffiti and vandalism are illegal, anti-social activities.

"We are working with Dorset Police, security and Anti-Social Behaviours officers to address this."

Residents can report ASB and graffiti to us online here: bcpcouncil.gov.uk/Communities/Antisocial-behaviour/Antisocial-behaviour.aspx bcpcouncil.gov.uk/Roads-and-transport/Report-a-problem-on-a-road-or-pavement/Graffiti.aspx