Would we really have worn these items back in 1985?

Admittedly some of them were simply catwalk garments or for special occasions, but others were meant as everyday wear.

On display at the Mayor’s charity fashion show on May 11, 1985, were clothes for every age group and occasion.

Bournemouth Echo: Mayor's fashion show at the BIC on May 11, 1985.

Staged at Bournemouth International Centre, the show featured bare midriffs with belly dancer-style bandeau tops and baggy trousers for the young. Calf-length trousers in summer sorbet colours with matching tops, drop-waist dresses and slinky cocktail wear.

Also featured were hats which would turn heads at Ascot, wedding dresses to spend the happiest day of your life in, and rainwear to make one want to go out in a thunderstorm.

Bournemouth Echo: