THE Ministry of Defence (MOD) has urged the public to stay safe on the Dorset coast this summer.

As the weather has warmed up and the half-term holidays are approaching, the MOD has reminded visitors to take extra care when visiting the Lulworth Ranges.

It forms part of the 'Respect the Range' campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the risks to safety when visiting military land.

Risks include live firing, unexploded ordnance and fast-moving vehicles.

Bournemouth Echo: Warning sign in Lulworth.

There is a real danger of disturbing military debris including unexploded ordnance at Lulworth, which can be disturbed by walkers, ramblers and dogs.

Col Andy Hough, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation's (DIO) regional commander for the South West of England, said: “Lulworth is one of the most picturesque parts of the Dorset coast. 

“Members of the public are asked to observe the signs in place and remain in the designated areas and on the marked paths. 

“However, if members of the public do spot anything of concern, we ask them to report it, never touch it. This includes keeping dogs on a lead and paying special attention to what they might pick up off the ground. 

“If we all work together to use these spaces with respect and consideration, the public will stay safe, and our Armed Forces will be able to undertake their important training exercises.”