FOUR political parties across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole have agreed to form a new administration. 

Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Vikki Slade is expected to retake the role of BCP Council’s leader, with the new administration named the Three Towns Alliance. 

The changes, subject to agreement of a full council meeting this evening, will be made up of the Lib Dems, who took 28 seats at the elections on May 4, along with the Christchurch Independents (8), Poole People Party (5) and the Independent Group in Bournemouth (3). 

This will take the new administration to a majority of 44 seats out of the 76 council seats. 

Bournemouth Echo: Cllr Vikki Slade is to be the new council leader, subject to approvalCllr Vikki Slade is to be the new council leader, subject to approval (Image: Richard Crease)

It is said the name 'Three Towns Alliance' reflects the “desire to work constructively together on the significant challenges ahead, but at the same time, protecting the individual identity and character of each town”. 

Liberal Democrat leader Vikki Slade said: “We are delighted the Liberal Democrats have gained so many seats.  

“It is clear that residents wanted change. We put forward a positive set of policies that will put the people of BCP first and major improvements to how the council is run so that trust can be rebuilt.  

“We are pleased to have found so much common ground with our independent partners.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Group leader of the Christchurch Independents, Cllr Paul HilliardGroup leader of the Christchurch Independents, Cllr Paul Hilliard (Image: UGC)

Group leader of the Christchurch Independents, Cllr Paul Hilliard said his town had once again “put their faith” in them. 

He added: “The new administration represents a new start for BCP Council and the opportunity for groups across the conurbation to work collaboratively for their own communities but also for all residents, wherever they live. We have much to achieve together.” 

Group leader of Poole People, Cllr Felicity Rice added: “Following success at the elections Poole People are happy to work in partnership with the Independent groups in Christchurch and Bournemouth, and with the Liberal Democrats across BCP. This is a good way ahead.” 

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Cllr Lisa Northover, group leader of the Independent Group in Bournemouth said: “We are delighted to have worked with groups across BCP to establish the Three Towns Alliance, as we embark on a collective mission to empower our communities.” 

Cllr Slade is set to outline the principles, policies and ambitions of the Three Towns Alliance this evening at a full council meeting. 

The administration’s plan for action brings together the manifesto commitments of all four political groups. 

The new administration and leader will mark an end to the Conservative-led BCP Council after nearly three years in power.