As we move into summer and temperatures begin to rise, many of us will start to notice more ants in our gardens, but what can you do if they start to enter your home?

While black ants, the species you are most likely to encounter in the UK, are completely harmless, they can be annoying and leave behind a pheromone trail to alert the rest of the colony of where they can find food.

Jordan Foster, a pest control expert, warns that ants are attracted to water, food and shelter.

The expert, from Fantastic Pest Control, added: “They reproduce rapidly, especially during summer when they go on food-foraging expeditions.

Bournemouth Echo: Ants are attracted to food, water and shelter, but this is how to keep them out of your homeAnts are attracted to food, water and shelter, but this is how to keep them out of your home (Image: Cherkas/Getty)

“To avoid attracting ants, it's essential to clean up any spills or leftovers of food immediately. If you prefer not to use chemicals and pesticides, there are alternative ways to fight pests.”

He advised making sure there are no crumbs or sugary food left around the house, or at the entrances to your home, including windows.

Any leftovers should be kept in jars or airtight containers to stop ants gaining access to them.

Jordan said: “To resolve your ant problem, you need to identify how the ants are getting into your house, which is often through doorways, windows, cracks, or openings in the floor or walls.

“The first step is to block all entry points, starting from the exterior of your house.”

How to get rid of ants in your house

Here are some ways you can encourage ants to leave your house without harming them.


Drawing a line of chalk on the floor around doors, windows and cracks used by ants to gain access to your property and discourage them from entering.

It is only a short-term solution, but the chalk line disrupts the pheromones that ants are following for food.

Talcum powder

This is another tip that disrupts the pheromone trail left by ants, stopping them from entering your house.

You should fill any cracks with the powder, and sprinkle around doors and windows.


Sprinkling coffee grounds around the entrances to your home can stop ants coming in as it confuses the ants sense of smell.

However, it could take a while before this method takes effect, and they are mainly effective on sugar ants when used outside of the house.


Another way to dissuade ants from entering the home is by lining doors and window frames with common kitchen spices such as curry powder, cinnamon, and pepper.

The spice and strong smells interrupt the ants pheromone trail.

Soap spray

You can combine glass cleaner with a liquid detergent to create a spray that deters ants from coming into your home.

The spray will clear away the pheromone trial left by ants. You should spray it anywhere you see ants coming into your home, and if possible, use a mint or eucalyptus scented soap, as that ants do not like those smells.