A councillor has resigned his position on BCP Council five days after being elected.

Labour member Martin Bedford said he had to take the “difficult decision" to stand down due to ongoing health issues.

Mr Bedford was elected to represent East Cliff and Springbourne on Friday after securing the most votes in the ward.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, May 10, he said: “I regret that I have had to take the difficult decision to stand down as councillor due to ongoing health issues.

“Making this decision has been very difficult with much consideration of letting down the local electorate and my colleagues; however, I have had to make this decision because of family commitments and health implications.

“I want to thank every single person who voted for me last week and apologise as this news will be a disappointment to many of you.”

Cllr Patrick Canavan, secretary of Bournemouth Labour, said: “This has been a very difficult decision for Martin to take but we wish him well and hope that his health improves.”

BCP Council has listed the vacancy for a councillor in the East Cliff and Springbourne ward.

A local authority spokesperson said: "A by-election will be held in BCP Council’s East Cliff and Springbourne ward following the resignation of Councillor Martin Bedford.

"Labour councillor Mr Bedford was elected to the ward at the recent local elections but will leave the post for personal and health reasons.

"BCP Council will now publish a Notice of Vacancy for the East Cliff and Springbourne ward.

"Once the council receives requests from two electors a by-election will take place within 35 working days of receipt of these requests.

"Further details regarding the by-election will be published on the BCP Councul website in due course.”