The pipeline which leaked and caused an oil spill in Poole Harbour has been sealed.

Poole Harbour Commissioners said the clean-up operation has continued over the weekend, with pipeline excavation work continuing.

In a statement issued at 2.45pm on Sunday, April 2, the commissioners said there had now been 30 ‘slightly oiled’ birds observed but no serious bird casualties.

“We are unaware of any other wildlife casualties as a result of the incident at this point. The RSPCA and RSPB are taking the lead in dealing with this issue,” the statement said.

Around 140,000 litres of “oily/water mix” and more than five tons of contaminated beach/soil material and contaminated materials have been recovered.

A cofferdam has been constructed at the leakage, while flushing and skimming operations continue non-stop in Ower Bay.

The commissioners said the containment measures involving 11 booms were proving “successful”.

Their statement added: “The main focus of clean-up operations is at Ower Bay, however substantial clean-up is also taking place at the Goathorn and Arne peninsulas.

“Poole Harbour Commissioners are working closely with the standing environment group (SEG), involving Environment Agency and Natural England.

“There is no change in advice regarding recreational use of Poole Harbour. A NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) restriction remains in place in Poole Harbour until April 9.

“Commercial drones are being used as part of the response and have a dispensation from the NOTAM. All other drones should avoid the area.”

About 200 barrels of reservoir fluid made up of 85 per cent water and 15 percet oil were released into Owers Bay on Sunday, March 26, from the pipeline operated by gas company Perenco, who own the oil field at Wytch Farm.