EXPERTS from Bournemouth University will host episodes of Time Team this weekend.

Dr Derek Pitman, deputy head of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology and Lawrence Shaw, a visiting fellow, BU graduate and current lead historic environment advisor for Forest England, will present the two episodes.

The experts led the expedition team on the dig to unearth the remains of an ancient inland city in Vlochos, Greece.

Dr Pitman said: “Our team were first drawn to a large hill with identifiable fortifications and set about looking for signs of urbanism.

“In 2016, we worked alongside local partners to reveal the urban layout for the first time and have since been working to uncover the full extent of the site.”

The teams were helped by snowfall which was found to be melting over buried buildings, revealing extra buildings that were previously unknown to archaeologists.

Dr Pitman added: “This dig season, our main aim was to uncover these unknown buildings, but, as the episode shows, it wasn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be.”

The teams completed geophysical surveys and mapped the city underneath the ground using modern technology, following the lead of Dr Pitman and Mr Lawrence.

Part one of the episode will air on YouTube at 7pm on Saturday, April 1, and part two at 7pm on Sunday, April 2.