A BOURNEMOUTH-based coach was chosen to give a talk on how to avoid burnout at Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday event last month.

Jasmine Navarro is the founder and owner of Withnava; a coaching company which focuses on helping teenagers and adults find confidence and flourish.

Jasmine said: “I love Theo, I love Theo. I want to work with him, I even asked him in Greek, and he didn’t understand me, but yeah he’s really involved with his winners, I feel really grateful for the process and the opportunity given (by Theo) and he’s got more competitions coming up with the chance for him to invest in your business.”

Burnout is a big and often unspoken issue in the workforce and Jasmine said she was “really shocked” at how many people came to her after her talk, speaking of their own burnout.

She said: “Nearly everyone came up to me, I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it, someone even told me they got multiple sclerosis because of being burnt out twice.”

When asked the biggest reason for burnout in small business owners, Jasmine said: “Well it’s fear. It comes down to a lot of fear – especially if you’re just starting up your business, you’ll be doing a lot by yourself and you probably don’t know what you should be doing or where your focus should be, so you do everything and you just don’t stop, because if you stop then who’s there to run it for you?”

“You just don’t have time to set these healthy boundaries in place, or establish them, to prevent burnout you need to learn to say no, how to say no, and when to say no.

“I think when you start up a business you just end up saying yes to everything for so many reasons, like you’re scared of missing out, scared that this opportunity would be the one to take your business to the next level – it’s never enough and you don’t ever relax.”

Jasmine can be found on Instagram and LinkedIn at ‘Withnava’.