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Running a small business is nothing to scoff at. Between making sure your product and services are quality, handling employees, and keeping track of finances, building your online presence on top of it all can be overwhelming.

One of the most popular apps in the U.K. is Instagram, with over 30 million users, according to Statista. Due to its popularity, if you own a business, and want to grow your brand and promote your products, then Instagram is one of the best places to do it. Once you’ve built a following, the Instagram algorithm does all the promotion for you, so it’s one less thing on your plate.

However, building a following can be time-consuming and difficult, which is why you could consider buying followers to get started. Buying followers on Instagram is a great way to rank up in the platform’s algorithm and get that initial push you need to develop a real following.


Buy Instagram Followers in 2023 (UK Sites)

Let's take a look at the top sites you can use to buy Instagram followers in the UK, based on their reputation, ease of use, and other useful benefits.


Use Twicsy to help your page stand out from your competitors. Twicsy offers high-quality followers for your Instagram account that help you establish your small business on the platform in no time.

Twicsy is a good option for UK-based small businesses and influencers because they offer real followers, not bots or spam accounts. All you have to do is go on their website and choose a package. Each package contains a certain number of users that will follow your account instantly. You can also choose between high-quality Instagram followers with profile pictures and active followers with little drops. Automatic 30-day refills are included if you choose active followers.

Bournemouth Echo:

Unlike other Instagram follower sites, Twicsy does not require your password to give you the followers. You don’t need an account or password to buy the service, just an Instagram account and a debit or credit card, making it an incredibly convenient site to use if you need followers ASAP.

They have 24/7 customer support that is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Plus, with guaranteed delivery and great reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers, you can trust them to help improve your account's visibility and drive more traffic to your business.



If you’re looking for an effective way to reach potential customers and rise in the Instagram ranks, Buzzoid can help you with that. Their service is affordable and trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers who have left great reviews you can read on their website.

Bournemouth Echo:

They offer three options for follower packages:

  • High quality followers with profile pictures, so your followers list looks authentic
  • Active followers are for small businesses that are serious about growing on the platform consistently, as these followers offer little to no drop
  • You can also contact them for managed growth, which is the best option for small businesses. This option is not instant, as it’s focused on giving accounts active, engaged followers that will boost your brand.

If at any point you have questions, want to stop the refills, or encounter a problem, their support team is always available, so you can rest assured that you will be supported in your journey to establish your business on Instagram. By using their service, you could improve your brand recognition and attract many more customers to your business.



Rushmax is a reliable and affordable service that gets you started on your path to grow a following. Small businesses often struggle to draw eyes to their products and services on Instagram, but once you get the ball rolling with Rushmax, your business could get recommended to potential buyers.

Satisfied customers love Rushmax because of how easy it is to use. Simply go to their website, choose a package (which starts as low as $0.99), and pay with one of the available payment options. You'll get accounts following your page instantly, all for a few minutes of work, so you can focus on other aspects of running a successful business.

Rushmax gives customers real accounts with convincing usernames, pictures, and engagement activities. Some of the accounts they provide may get banned on occasion simply due to how Instagram’s flagging system works, but don’t worry about not getting your money’s worth. If you buy premium followers, then Rushmax will refill your paid follower count to make up for the ones you may have lost.

If, at any moment, there’s something wrong with the service, you can always get in contact with Rushmax’s top-tier customer support team and they’ll sort everything out right away. 



iDigic is dedicated to providing exceptional services, especially for small business owners. People are more likely to want to buy a product or service online if they see that the business is followed by many people, which indicates a good reputation. iDigic can help your business get perceived in a good light by potential customers through providing instant Instagram followers to your account.

iDigic protects your privacy by not asking for your password or any other vital information when you order one of their numerous follower packages. They also take special measures so that the payment information you input on their website is safe from hackers.


5.Growth Boost UK

Take your business to the next level and attract customers to your business with Growth Boost UK. This site offers pretty standard services, but you can’t go wrong with them if you’re just looking to see that follower count go up.

When you buy followers from Growth Boost UK, you can expect fast delivery of Instagram followers, 24/7 customer support, and plenty of options when it comes to follower packages.

Once the followers start to roll in, Instagram may consider your business account more legitimate and popular, which could lead to it promoting you to other people, therefore increasing your audience base.


Find Business Success with Paid Instagram Followers in 2023

Having a good follower count on Instagram is crucial for any small business or influencer in the United Kingdom. This is because the platform prioritises businesses more than other accounts. Business accounts are more likely to pay Instagram for advertising their page, so the platform has a vested interest in these accounts.

After just a few hundred followers, Instagram will slowly push your page and posts onto other people’s recommended feed, effectively increasing your potential to gain more organic followers. This is why you could consider paying for Instagram followers to be an  important investment for the success of your future business. Given how affordable the services on the above sites are, even businesses that haven’t started selling anything can launch their product with an attractive Instagram page.

The great thing about the sites listed here is that they offer more services than just Instagram followers. You can also purchase Instagram likes, views, and comments, which you can easily pair with your follower packages to increase the engagement on your accounts.

The Instagram algorithm will take this all into account when deciding how much to promote your page throughout different audience demographics. So, don’t hesitate to browse the different pages you can order from if you want to grow your business and join the top dogs of the Instagram scene.

This article is brought to you by SMM Performance and is not necessarily representative of the views of the Bournemouth Echo