BOURNEMOUTH, Christchurch and Poole unfortunately (or fortunately) missed out on snow this morning, despite coverage in north Dorset.

Earlier this week the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for snow and ice in Dorset, as well as an amber cold weather alert until midnight on Thursday, March 9.

Despite this, BCP was not graced with snow but instead with cold and rain.

However, it's a very different situaiton in Shaftesbury where snow is plentiful. 

Bournemouth-based forecaster, Bournemouth and Poole Weather, provided an explanation as to why the conurbation missed out.

He said: “As we know parts of Dorset are some least snowiest places in the country and on many occasions falls of snow are marginal at best as this was.

“Snow can fall in temperatures of +5 or +6C however the dew point needs to be below 0C.

"On this occasion, temperatures were conducive for snow but the dew points only briefly dip to 0C in our area and given surface temperatures were above zero any settling of any snow that did fall was not possible.

“Now head a few miles inland and it’s an increasingly different story. The air is slightly drier and colder and there is more elevation which is why parts away from the coastal areas saw some snow.

“Looking ahead we’ll likely see some briefly colder spells but really, I think any snow would be unlikely so we’ll likely have to wait until next winter now.”

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UK Extreme Weather echoed this but said he couldn't rule out any potential for snow in the future. 

He said: “Today is gradually expected to become milder, so no more snow is expected for the BCP areas, the highest elevations in mid - north Dorset will see further snow through the day before it turns milder for all overnight.

“Early spring can be a battle between the seasons, so I wouldn’t write off any further snow possibility just yet, but for now that’s it.”