Stargazers across the UK are in for a treat tonight as the Moon meets Venus and Jupiter amid their continuing conjunction.

The event is set to be a spectacular sight with large parts of the country able to get a good look at this celestial occurrence.

This comes after other amazing sights took over the night sky earlier in the year such as the northern lights in the far north of Scotland and the green comet that appeared for the first time in 50,000 years.

It now looks as though 2023 will not be short of other amazing wonders as a crescent Moon once again meets the solar system's two brightest planets amid their conjunction.

Bournemouth Echo: (Canva) A crescent Moon will join Venus and Jupiter amid their conjunction(Canva) A crescent Moon will join Venus and Jupiter amid their conjunction (Image: Canva)

With all this said, here is everything you need to know about tonight's (February 23) sighting.

What is the Venus and Jupiter conjunction?

The Venus and Jupiter conjunction involves the two planets appearing in the same part of the sky.

Venus meets up with the gas giant in an event known as a conjunction, placing the planets in extreme proximity to one another in our night sky.

How rare are Venus and Jupiter conjunctions?

Conjunctions between the two planets are anything but rare as they align with one another around every 13 months or 398.88 days, according to Belgian meteorologist Jean Meeus.

However, the conjunction being accompanied by a crescent Moon is less common, providing a wonderful view to stargazers.

When to see the Moon as it meets the Venus and Jupiter conjunction?

The two brightest planets will meet in the western sky just before sunset with 6 pm to 7 pm being the best viewing window according to the Met Office.

However, some areas will have better opportunities to view the marvel thanks to differing cloud cover.

Met Office weather forecast amid Moon meeting Venus and Jupiter Conjunction?

While the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter is ongoing, tonight (Thursday, February 23) is a great time to see the Moon meet the pair.

The Met Office weather forecast is set to differ across the country with areas in Wales, the Midlands and much of Northern England in for low cloud cover.

However, nations and regions like Northern Ireland, Scotland and the South of England will be mostly cloudy, creating poor or moderate viewing.

Find out your local weather forecast on the Met Office website.

The Moon will meet the Venus and Jupiter conjunction tonight from 6 pm.