SO I see that as well as many other things that are amiss with the world – on the local evening news – the elderly population is once again being blamed for another thing ‘wrong’ in the country today.

Now it is the affordable housing shortage at the ‘starting point’ of the housing ladder. Apparently as senior citizens. ‘They’ are not downsizing, therefore, as younger families already on the lower end of the housing ladder need to expand, they are unable to move up into larger houses – ‘normally’ left free by the elderly population.

Purportedly the families wishing to get from rental or mum and dad’s house onto the bottom rung of the housing ladder are now finding things very difficult, as the younger families already on the self-owned lower rung cannot move up because – yeah you guessed, the elderly population are not downsizing.

So how does that work then? Once again, the older generation are being used as scapegoats for this, in addition to taking up ‘unnecessary’ hospital beds and blamed for the crisis within the NHS, living too long and claiming their just deserts – money being expended on elderly people which could be used to prop up our ailing economy and so on.

The economy that is being helped to ruin by the possible, in all but name, Coup D’état / insurrection being attempted by the union leaderships. Riling up their rank-and-file members, in turn, to try and convince the general public to replace the current government and install a party funded by the unions and hence the whole population could be run by the unions, via the back door. Back to the good old 70s then!

A lot is forgotten about the billions spent on furlough payments, etc, the economy affected by Covid and the world recession caused by it.

I don’t suppose the unions know where they are going but they are determined to set a speed record getting there.

Anyway, I digress... back to the main subject. As I said previously, so how does that work? Elderly people sell the larger properties to downsize and buy smaller properties, the younger larger families move up to the larger properties left vacant by the older population – where do the young families go? Ah! I know it is the people of the elderly population who are to blame again, as they have downsized and bought up all the smaller less expensive properties.

What shall we do with all these elderly people that helped to build the country of today that gave up a lot of comforts in order to give a better life to their children, paid 16.5 per cent mortgage interest rates, to buy a house and still managed to survive and end up, after years of hard graft, in a house that by some opinions are far too grand for such old fogies.

Do I sound resentful? Yes, I am, as I am one those highly criticised elderly citizens accused of taking houses from the young.

I am beginning to feel like alien in my own country. What next? Maybe we shall be blamed for all the spy balloons?