ATTENTION class – it's time to forget about your A, B, Cs and focus on your AC/DCs. The School of Rock is in session.

Every half term, the uber talented young performers at Swish of the Curtain Theatre School take to the stage to belt out a classic hit musical. And every year, the production gets more and more impressive.

This year, they've taken on School of Rock The Musical, based on the 2003 film and turned into a theatrical production with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and a book by Julian Fellowes.

We follow the fortunes of rocker Dewey Finn who, sacked from his band and in need of rent money, poses as roommate Ned Schneebly to accept a job as a supply teacher at a posh prep school. Devoid of any academic teaching skills, he instead proceeds to instil his love of music into the class, discovering some incredible talent along the way, as they take on the prestigious Battle of the Bands.

With the unforgettable Jack Black taking the starring role in the movie, young Lewis Simons had huge shoes to fill as Dewey Finn. But he effortlessly commanded the stage, and the entire show, with his easy, relaxed confidence – centre stage is clearly right where he's meant to be. Superb acting skills and a fantastic voice to boot.

Keziah Newman was equally brilliant as principal Rosalie Mullins, with a quiet authority and maturity way beyond her years – something true of all the senior cast members – and a wonderful power to her singing voice.

But really, it's all about the kids in this show. And what incredible kids they are. Every one boasting bundles of energy, unrivalled confidence and impressive vocals. At just ten years old, Darcey Canning belted out her solo effortlessly as band manager Summer. Performance of the night goes to Nicole Motsernak as Tomika, who stunned the audience into silence with her unbelievably amazing voice.

I'm always struck by the slick production of the Swish shows – it's easy to forget this is an amateur company, and not one on tour from the West End.

What shines through is the professionalism, raw talent and sheer passion of every single cast member as they come together to Stick It To The Man.

No "must do betters" for this class – A-plus all round.

School of Rock The Musical is at Bournemouth Pavilion until Sunday, February 19.