GARDENS are being “overrun with rats” in a Bournemouth neighbourhood after several incidents of fly tipping. 

Several flytipping incidents are being reported in Bryanstone Walk, leading to Bryanstone Road in Winton. 

One resident said he has reported incidents “multiple times” but the council’s slow responses are causing a rat problem. 

Stephen Pearce said: “It is happening consistently every week now. It’s awful. I called the council about it four days ago and they promised it would be picked up by them, but so far there has been nothing. 

Bournemouth Echo: Fly tipping in Bryanstone Walk, WintonFly tipping in Bryanstone Walk, Winton (Image: Stephen Pearce)

“It looks terrible and is disgraceful. We were overrun with rats in our garden during the summer. 

“Throughout the whole neighbourhood, there is often trash dumped on the street.” 

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Mr Pearce said the council will “eventually” pick up the waste but that it can be sitting there for weeks at a time. 

“I think flytipping happens so often down that alleyway, that people think it is a dumping ground and they use it too,” he added. 

“There should be signs put up telling people not to do it or cameras installed to catch the culprits.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Cllr Chris RigbyCllr Chris Rigby (Image: BCP Council)

Cllr Chris Rigby, councillor for neighbouring ward Winton East, said: “Both Simon [Bull, fellow Green ward councillor] and I are aware of this issue and we have reported it several times. 

“It is not just on this road it is happening but it’s happening on other roads in Winton. In fact, it is a struggle across the whole borough. 

“We are following up on this. It is an issue here and I’m not sure why.”  

A BCP Council spokeswoman said: “BCP Council takes fly-tipping seriously and we will do all we can to identify the perpetrators.  

“We have received reports of fly-tipping in Bryanstone Road/Walk and our waste enforcement officers have visited on several occasions. Any evidence found within the waste may be used in enforcement action by way of fixed penalty notice or prosecution. Any evidence submitted by residents following an incident, such as vehicle registrations, will be fully investigated and strong action taken on those found guilty of fly-tipping. 

“In this area there is a mix of council and privately owned land and officers from a number of BCP teams are investigating. We continue to encourage residents to report instances of fly-tipping at the earliest opportunity via our website-”