ACTRESS Eva Green is due to give evidence in her High Court battle over the collapse of a multimillion-pound independent film project which involved a Bournemouth director.

The Casino Royale star, 42, had been set to star in the sci-fi film A Patriot before production was shut down in October 2019.

She is now suing production company White Lantern Films, claiming she is entitled to her million dollar (approximately £810,000) fee for the movie, despite its cancellation.

As previously reported, Bournemouth-based writer-director Dan Pringle and producer Adam Merrifield were ousted from the company they had set up to make the film and which is now involved in the case with Ms Green.

White Lantern Films is defending the case and bringing a counterclaim against the French actress, alleging she made “unreasonable demands” and undermined the film’s production.

The French actress is due to enter the witness box to give evidence in the claim on Monday, the third day of the trial in London.

At the start of the trial on Thursday, Max Mallin KC, for White Lantern, claimed Ms Green had an “animosity” towards a vision for the film held by one of the film’s executive producers, Jake Seal.

The barrister said that in exchanges with her agent and the film’s director, Ms Green claimed Mr Seal was planning to make a “cheap B movie”, describing him as “the devil” and “evil”, production manager Terry Bird as a “******* moron”, and local crew members as “peasants… from Hampshire”.

However, Ms Green’s barrister Edmund Cullen KC said that the legal battle was “designed to paint my client as a diva to win headlines and damage her reputation”.

Mr Cullen later said that the messages “must be seen in context” of negotiations over buying the rights to the script.

Describing the film as a “passion project”, Mr Cullen said the actress “bent over backwards” to make the film but “the financial plan was never going to work”.

Monday’s hearing is due to start at 10am, with Ms Green expected to begin her evidence in the afternoon.