You get spirits in every bar – but some have the spine-tingling kind!

Halloween may have come and gone a few months ago, but with the cold dark evenings still upon us, we feel there’s still room for some spooky tales.

These are some of the area’s haunted pubs – apparently!

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Crown Hotel, Poole

It has been claimed that in the Old Town area of Poole, two children can be heard crying and yelling in the Crown Hotel.

It is alleged that two children were locked up and left to die in the Market Street building by their parents.

Bournemouth Echo: Crown Hotel.

And there’s been more spooky activity reported at this hotspot for alleged paranormal activity.

The lights are said to randomly switch on and off, and the ghostly sound of a piano often rings through the rooms and corridors.

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

This 14th-century coaching inn in Castle Street, Christchurch, has a long history and has witnessed tragedy.

It was Margaret Moore, the daughter of the inn’s landlord, who fell in love with a Royalist soldier and conceived a child, much to the disappointment of her staunch Parliamentary supporter father.

Bournemouth Echo:

Unwilling to taint the family name, he bricked up his daughter and grandson in the cheese pantry, leaving them to starve to death.

People say that in the dead of night, a newborn baby can be heard crying and Margaret scratching at the bricks.

The Acorn, Kinson

Back when this pub was known as The Dolphin, one witness claimed they awoke during the night to the sounds of clinking.

Leaving their room to investigate further, they came across the apparition of a man perched on a chest, counting gold coins.

Bournemouth Echo:

After the pub became Gulliver’s Tavern, mild poltergeist activity was reported, including glasses and pool cues being thrown around, and footsteps heard in empty parts of the building.

King Charles Inn, Poole

This has been home to many strange happening allegedly being witnessed.

People have heard footsteps on the stairs and breathing noises even though nobody has been there.

Bournemouth Echo: King Charles Inn

Some even say a quiet female can be heard crying, “Help me! Help me! Help me!”

Staff and visitors have also reported things being moved and feeling inexplicable nudges.

Langtry Manor Hotel, Boscombe

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a pub, but we thought we should include it anyway.

A lady in white has been seen to haunt this building which is believed to have been commissioned in 1877 by Edward VII as gift for his mistress Lillie Langtry.

Bournemouth Echo: Langtry Manor Hotel.

The house became a hotel in the 1930s and during the 1970s, the grey form of a woman, thought to be Langtry, was spotted several times by the hotel’s chef.

All this told, there is no historical documentation which links the building to Langtry - the story looks as if it was constructed around the 1940s, which means that the ghostly grey lady remains unidentified.

The Quay, Poole

Originally a warehouse, the five-story building became a pub in 1996.

The pub sits on the Quayside which was once known as the Great Quay in Tudor times.

Bournemouth Echo: The Quay

At The Quay, several cases of poltergeist-like activity have been reported. These include missing items, breathing sounds, and feelings of being prodded.

The Red Lion Pub, Boldre, New Forest

A local verderer John of Stratford, nephew of the Bishop of Winchester, was said to found a giant pair of antlers sticking out of the ground around South Baddesley in the late 1300s or early 1400s.

When he pulled the antlers from the ground, they were attached to the head of a red lion that proceeded to drag him around the forest.

Bournemouth Echo:

John managed to wrestle the beast into submission, but since that day it is said that the Stratford Lyon has appeared on major dates in the de Stratford calendar.

Since then the Lion is alleged to have been spotted all over the forest - especially in the lands around South Baddesley, Brockenhurst, and Boldre.

The Red Lion Pub in the middle of this area was named after the Lion.

Oddfellows Arms , Wimborne

A young boy is said to haunt the old pub that once doubled up as a morgue.

But they say he’s friendly, mainly just being mischievous by turning the lights on and off.

Bournemouth Echo: Oddfellows Arms.

The pint-sized apparition is even said to have woken up the landlord when there was an earthquake.

Are you aware of any more supposedly haunted pubs in the area? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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